​​​​​​​​Australia’s biosecurity system protects our unique environment and agricultural sector and supports our reputation as a safe and reliable trading nation. This has significant economic, environmental and community benefits for all Australians.

Here are relevant links, articles and policy documents that you might find useful in developing a biosecurity plan for your business. It will help you to be aware of what to do if you discover a strange disease or organism on your farm.

Government & Policy
Aust. Department of Agriculture
Plant Health Australia
Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed
National Plant Biosecurity Strategy

Helps and Tips
Farm Biosecurity

Farm inputs
Almost anything moved onto your property can be a potential source of pests and diseases for livestock and plants. To reduce the biosecurity risks to your property monitor animals or plant materials that enter the property, including sources of water, feed and fertiliser.
Farm Biosecurity essentials: Farm inputs

Farm outputs
Responsibility for biosecurity doesn’t end when plant products or animals leave the farm gate. The measures in place on your property support biosecurity in your region.
Farm Biosecurity essentials: Farm outputs


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