Annual Conference

HGA holds an annual conference for members and hazelnut enthusiasts.  Each year the location of the conference is rotated through the key hazelnut growing regions of Australia.

Past Conferences

2018 TRI-NUT Conference  7 – 9 SEPTEMBER 2018

The 2018 Tri-Nut Conference was presented by the Australian Walnut Industry Association Inc (AWIA), Chestnuts Australia Inc (CAI) and the Hazelnut Growers of Australia Inc (HGA).
Keynote speakers were:
Bruce Lampinen: Integrated Orchard Management and Walnut Specialist, Dept. of Plant Sciences, UC Davis, USA.
Dr Hazel MacTavish-West: 2017 Churchill Fellowship to investigate how to enhance national efforts to increase usage and consumption of Australian-grown produce.
Dr Jacquelyn Simpson: Nut researcher, NSW DPI.

2018 Tri-Nut Conference Program – September 2018

2017 Hazelnut Conference
Orange NSW 2-3rd September
Some program highlights include:-
a) Presentation by Dr Basil Baldwin
b) Up-date on irrigation equipment by the Platinum Sponsor – Toro
c) Up-dates on some industry Pests and Diseases.
d) Visit to DPI Hazelnut Field site
e) Visit to Fourjay Hazelnut Farm
f) HGA Annual General Meeting

2016 Tri-Nut Conference – Walnuts, Hazelnuts and Chestnuts
Tamar Valley Tasmania 2-5th September

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Hazelnut Growers of Australia Inc (HGA) joined with the Australian Walnut Industry Association Inc (AWIA) and Chestnuts Australia Inc (CAI) to hold a combined conference. The following is an overview of the program of activities:-

Friday 2nd September:
a) Australian Nut Industry Council Board Meeting.
b) Nuts 4 Life Social media workshop – 9.30 am – 11am.
c) Nuts 4 Life Food labelling workshop – 11.30 am – 1:00 pm.
d) Tri-Nut Conference to commence at 2:00 pm.
e) Industry AGM’s

Saturday 3rd September:
a) Tri-Nut Conference – 8 am to 5:30 pm
b) Tri-Nut Conference Dinner

Sunday 4th September:
a) Farm visits and other associated farm activities.
b) Farm walks to conclude by 4:00 pm


GOULBURN | NSW 23rd-25th October

Detailed Program:
12:30 pm Registration
12:45 pm Regional selection for planting – Jacquelyn Simpson, Research Horticulturist -Nuts NSW Department of Primary Industries
1:15 pm Soil Preparation – Taralga Rural
1:45 pm Tree Selection and Pollinators – Vanessa Cox, Australian Gourmet Hazelnuts.
2:15 pm Irrigation/Fertigation – Brad Batten, Territory Manager in NSW, TORO
2:45 pm Orchard establishment and management – Sallianne Faulkner
3:15 pm New business establishment – Paul McNamara

4:00 pm Establishing your Organic Orchard – Tim Marshall, TMOrganics.
4:45 pm Truffles and Hazelnuts – the perfect combination – Colin Carter, Hazelnut Nursery Propagators
6:00 pm WELCOME COCKTAIL FUNCTION hosted by the Mayor of Goulburn

8:00 am Registration
8:30 am Financial Options for HGA
8:45 am Hazelnut Growers of Australia – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
9:45 am Morning Tea – Trade display

10:30 am Guest Presenter – Basil Baldwin, Fourjay Farm Hazelnuts – “Overview of Hazelnut Production – as seen through my thesis.”
11:15 am Trevor Ranford, South Australian Horticultural Services – (Presenting on behalf of Peats Soil and Garden Products/Compost Australia.) “The importance of compost in establish orchards”.
11:45 am Agri-Australis: TO BE CONFIRMED “The establishment of a major plantation to service Ferraro”.
12:15 pm Panel Session
12:30 pm LUNCH – Trade Display

1:30 pm Guest Presenter – Carol Bracken, Tamar Valley Hazelnuts “Case Study – What I learnt from the Oregon Hazelnut Industry”.
2:15 pm Dr Ashley Tews, Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO “Bird and Vertebrate Management”
2:45 pm Panel Session on bird and vertebrate controls Lasers Drape Netting DeTer
3:00 pm Afternoon tea

3.30 pm Dr. Sukhvinder Pal (SP) Singh, Research Horticulturist (Food Safety) NSW Department of Primary Industries “Food Safety management for Nuts”.
4:15 pm Jenny Warren, Jenny’s Grain Free “The Challenges of supplying grain free organic, delicious and nutritious products.”
4:35 pm Nick Palumbo, Gelato Messina “Hazelnuts and Gelato/Sorbets – a great partnership”
4:50 pm Clem Cox, Australian Gourmet Hazelnuts “Storage of harvested nuts to maintain quality”
5:30 pm CLOSE

SUNDAY 25th October
Farm Walk and regional tour – program to follow

Thanks to our Conference Sponsors…

Gold Sponsors:
Horticulture Innovation Australia
AustSafe Super

Silver Sponsors:
Goulbourn Mulwaree Council
Tornado Sprayers

Bronze Sponsors:
Peats Soil and Garden Supplies
Australian Gourmet Hazelnuts
Hazelnut Nursery Propogators
Australian Wine Classics

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2014 Annual Conference October

The 2014 Annual Conference of Hazelnut Growers of Australia took place on the 18th & 19th October 2014. The Conference was held in Adelaide and funded by HAL using voluntary contributions from industry and matched funds from the Australian government.

Conference Program - FINAL 2014
Full conference proceedings will be available in the members only section of the website.

  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 02
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 03
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 04
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 05
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 06
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 07
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 08
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 09
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 10
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 11
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 12
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 13
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 14
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 15
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 16
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 17
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 18
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 19
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 20
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 21
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 22
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 23
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 25
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 26
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 28
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 29
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 30
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 31
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 32
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 34
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 36
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 37
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 38
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 39
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 40
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 41
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 42
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 43
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 44
  • Hazelnut Conf – Oct 2014 – 45

2013 Annual Conference 12th and 13th October

The 2013 Annual Conference of Hazelnut Growers of Australia took place on the 12 and 13 October, 2013. The Conference was held at the Savoy Sporting Club in Myrtleford on Saturday, with a full program of farm walks on Sunday and then an optional Monday covering bio-security workshops or a foodies tour with focus on adding value and marketing of food. HGA Annual Conference was funded by HAL using voluntary contributions from industry and matched funds from the Australian Government. Silver Sponsors were Antonio Carraro Oceania, Tornado/Town and Country Tractors and Machinery.

2013 HGA Conference Media Release 23 Sept

The Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday prior to the commencement of the Conference agenda. The conferences theme was Protecting Your Investment and topic included Biosecurity, emerging pests and diseases and adapting to warmer climates. Borers are emerging as a growing problem in some regions and appear to target some cultivars more than others. Farm walks on Sunday will include a visit to the former RIRDC trial plot at Ovens. Despite being unmanaged, other than cattle grazing, crowded, dark, and without irrigation for 6 years, the trees are still cropping and could be rejuvenated.

For access to all conference presentations and documents become a member of HGA. and log into the Members Only Section of this website.

RIRDIC Trial Plot 2013

RIRDIC Trial Plot – without care and still going

2012 Annual Conference Launceston Tasmania

The Hazelnut Growers of Australia annual conference was successfully attended in 2012 by 50 national delegates and shows growing interest in the emerging hazelnut industry in Australia and in particular Tasmania where the conference was held. On the 3-5th November in Launceston participants met to hear presentations from Professor David McNeil on 'The dynamics of UK nut imports, sales and quality and an assessment of quality and safety management in hazelnuts', and Dr Hazel MacTavish-West on 'The development and marketing of value-added hazel nut products on the basis of flavour and health benefits'. This was followed by two days of farm visits to local growers and to Walnuts Australia to gather cross industry information. Overall delegates felt that " The conference was very worthwhile, both the content and the networking opportunities were valuable.  I find it hard to say what I enjoyed the most as there was interest in every aspect." There was significant community interest in the conference as the emerging hazelnut industry has been investigated by the Tasmanian government as a potential crop for use in the newly created irrigation systems in midland Tasmania.

For access to all conference presentations and documents become a member of HGA. and log into the Members Only Section of this website.

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