NSW Open Day at Mudgee
after leaf fall and that participants have a go at pruning our trees. The Thompsons will bring their children so
they can learn too, and suggested other families could do similar. If you are bringing secateurs we will need to
sterilise them before the first cut… good biosecurity precaution.
Diary date. Saturday 30 May is the designated date. This advance notice should enable you to pre-book
accommodation in Mudgee, which is hard to get on most weekends. It will be timely to also run through planting
for those planting next winter.
Stay tuned for more details in early 2015.

Contact Vanessa and Clem Cox 02 63723224

Australian Gourmet Hazelnuts (Propagators)

Vanessa and Clem Cox
21 Putta Bucca Road, Mudgee NSW 2850
P: (02) 6372 3224 E: ausnuts@gourmethazelnuts.com.au

Established 1997 the nursery supplies strong whips producing preferred kernel for snack, catering and large confectionery. Main-crop Cultivars:- TBC or Barcelona – supplied with three compatible pollinizers and planting grid. Nut buy back option offered. AGH is based at Mudgee in Central West New South Wales.